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Sculpture Garden

An exhibition organized by Emiliano Valdés

October 2012 -February 2013

In 2012 NuMu inaugurated its sculpture garden with projects by local and international artists whose work focuses on the idea of distance as material and reflects on sculpture as a generator of moments and spaces that can contribute to the dialogue, sharing and incorporation of art into life. 

The works taking part in opening this space seek to prompt our relationship with the city, with others and, hopefully, also with ourselves.They are experiments on material, color, form, distance and communication (as a starting point, many of these works have been created at a distance, through instructions). They propose the idea of culture, of conviviality, of communication, each form radically different angles (physical and metaphorical) but all of them with the firm intention of building shared spaces and sparking joint conversations. 


Thinking about es-cultura (sculpture/it’s culture) as the concretion of certain aspects of culture, both material and intangible, this project bring together intentions, gestures, ideas and things that dissolve within the artistic environment also reach daily life and other disciplines: food, music, architecture, etc. NuMu’s Sculpture Garden is a place where matter meets ideas and beings; a small fragment of our city to see, but also a place to hear, feel, speak and share.


The Sculpture Garden is a modest gift to Centro Comercial el Rey, its inhabitants, its frequent visitors, NuMu’s public and, in some ways, also to the city. The gesture in itself wants to come together with many others who are transforming Guatemala City into a more delightful place to be in; both with and without art but, inevitably, always with culture. 


-Emiliano Valdés


Bhakti Baxter (United States)


Otto Berchem (United States)


Rodrigo Hernández (Mexico)


Federico Herrero (Costa Rica)


Catalina León (Argentina)


Gabriel Lester (Amsterdam - China)


Isola Norzi (Italy)


Sofia Novella (Guatemala)


David Perez "Karmadavis"

(Dominican Republic - Guatemala)


Matthew Shannon (Australia)


Anders Smebye (Norway)


Diana de Solares (Guatemala)


Johann Wolfschoon (Panama)

and several Guatemalan anonymous sculptors...

Imágenes © Byron Mármol

Emiliano Valdés (1980) is an curator, editor and cultural producer. He is Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMM) in Bogota, Colombia. He was Associate Curator for the 10th Gwangju Biennale (South Korea) and Co-Director of Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala). Previously, he was Curator/Director of Visual Arts at the Centro Cultural de España en Guatemala and Professor at the Francisco Marroquín University. In 2012, Valdés was the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Curatorial Fellow at dOCUMENTA(13) (Kassel), and has worked for institutions such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, (Madrid), and contemporary Magazines, (London). He has been Co-Curator of the 8th Bienal de Artes Visuales Nicaragüenses (Nicaragua); Curator of the 17th Bienal de Arte Paiz (Guatemala). In 2017 he organized a survey of Guatemalan contemporary art for the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara as part of Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.Director of the seminar ‘Hábitat: Arte contexto y análisis urbano’ (Managua) as well as Artistic Director of Foto30, a contemporary photography and image festival in Guatemala City. He has written for ArtNexus, Arte al Día, FlashArt, and The exhibitionist amongst other international publications as well as for numerous artist catalogs and books.

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