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Jugador como pelota, pelota como cancha

(The Player as Ball, The Ball as Field)

A publication by Felipe Mujica


For the exhibition The player as ball, the ball as field / Manuel Casanueva and The tournaments, organized by Felipe Mujica, NuMu publishes a second edition of the book Jugador como pelota, pelota como cancha (The Player as Ball, The Ball as Field), which was originally conceived during conversations with María Berríos and Paola Santoscoy, and was published in late 2014 as a closing project for my solo exhibition Arriba como ramas que un mismo viento mueve (Up Above Like Branches Moved by a Common Wind) at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City.


The book both pays homage to Manuel Casanueva and all the people who contributed to the creation and development of the tournaments, and introduces his work to an international public by providing an English translation of Casanueva’s descriptions of the tournaments. It is difficult to fully grasp a history that is so local and so specific, narrated and remembered from such a personal perspective. This book wishes to finally diffuse knowledge of the tournaments outside of Chile—to send them leaping over the cordillera and the ocean, so high and vast.


We would like to thank the continuous support of Paola Santoscoy and the Museo Experimental El Eco, México City, as well as the generosity and openness of the Archivo Histórico José Vial Armstrong, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Also, would like to thank Hugo Quinto, Juan Pablo Lojo, TEOR/éTica and Los Amigos del NuMu for their generous support in making this exhibition, and its accompanying publication, possible. Last but not least, profound thanks to Olivia Casanueva and family, for their trust and great enthusiasm.


-Felipe Mujica


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