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An exhibition that presents a selection of objects from the Colección Poyón

October 2014 - February 2015


Continuing the research begun for the 19th Bienal de Arte Paiz (2014), the Colección Poyón (Poyon Collection) has developed a site specific project for NuMu's space. It responds directly to the crafted arquitecture of the egg museum, it endows it of such elements which intend to evoque the classical Fabergé eggs yet through local appropriation and exotization. Located near one of the most busy and priviledged arteries of the city, NuMu is transformed into a box full of surprises and a space for researching linguistic codes. In the interior of Maya-Fabergé, one of the most emblematic and renowned voices of guatemalan humor is presented, only to be revealed the day of the opening.

For the Colección Poyón (Poyon Collection), the state of doubt (between laughing or suffering) that these narratives provoke, the language and expressive tones of the comedian lend themselves to an exploration of condescending racism and the multiple forms of passive agression that “the joke” generates in association with the local color and folklore.


As part of its latest acquisition, the Colección Poyón (Poyon Collection) exhibits “a series of jokes”  that the ladino world usually enjoys, bleaches, permits and perpetuates as part of its imaginary. Similarly, the project  Maya-Fabergé work will be accompanied by a selection of objects which belong to the collection and which will be strategically distributed in various locations around the Museum. In addition, as part of NuMu's public programming, a conversation among important guatemalan intellectuals will take place as well as an essential “guided tour” throughout various locations in the City, monuments, murals and other strange yet emblematic spaces, which emerge as clear examples of interests by collectors Ángel y Fernando Poyón. The route has been suggested by Rosina Cazali, the collection's advisor.


For more information on the Maya-Fabergé's opening event and its related public programs, refer to NuMu's Facebook page and to Poyón Collection's forthcoming webpage, where the public will have access to learning about the diverse treasures of the collection.


Rosina Cazali

Advisor, Colección Poyón (Poyon Collection)



The Colección Poyón (Poyon Collection) is a project that investigates and gathers evidence of diverse mechanisms of representation, and of aesthetics which are constructed through the exotization and subordination designated to the Mayan peoples in modern history; from both the ladino and indigenous gaze. Similar to a cabinet of curiosities, the collection chronologically classifies postcards, books, photographs, architectural records, sculptures, coins, suits, comics characters, audio, movie and video excerpts of diverse origins to evidence forms of historical and current domination. This is a project in which traditional origins, determination and the collector of objects' power are mindfully inverted.

Ángel Poyón (Guatemala) lives and works in San Juan Comalapa and Guatemala City. He has had individual exhibitions at Galería T20, Murcia, Spain (2012), Fundación TeorÉtica, San Jose, Costa Rica (2011) y Galería DesPacio, San José, Costa Rica (2010). He has participated in group exhibitions in various countries of America and Europe, including ARCO, Madrid, Spain; Galería T20 (2012-2013); XXXI Bienal de Pontevedra, Spain, (2010); I Trienal del Caribe, Dominican Republic (2010); Landing 8, Tai Pei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (2008); Posiciones en Contexto, CIFO Miami (2007).


Fernando Poyón Cali (Guatemala) lives and works in San Juan Comalapa and Guatemala City. He has had individual exhibitions at Loft 5 in collaboration with Angel Poyón (2005), Casa de Cultura, Comalapa (2002) and at Banco Del Café, Guatemala (2002). Group exhibitions include the 19th Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala (2014); Estado de Excepción, Arte Actual Flacso, Quito, Ecuador (2014); Festival Videoarte, Barcelona, Spain; Situaciones Creadas, CCE, Costa Rica; Arte Actual en Guatemala, Centro Párraga Murcia, Spain; Arco Madrid, Spain, Galería T20 (2013); Zona Maco, Mexico City; Así que se Vaya, Ciudad de la Imaginación, Quetzaltenango; Kamin, Comalapa, Guatemala (2012); Hoja Blanca, Zurich-Guatemala; Casa Museo "Lino Enea Spilimbergo", Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina; Sin título, Fundación TeorÉtica; Universidad de Costa Rica (2010); Mi cuerpo en Un Arma, I Bienal Denver, Colorado; Momento Morí Galería (e)Star, Lima, Peru; XVII Bienal de arte Paiz, Guatemala 2010; La Mancha de Tomate, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Estrategias para medir el Universo, Galeria Sol del Rio, Guatemala (2009); Landing 8 Fine Arts Museum, Tai Pei Taiwan; Pintura Proyecto Incompleto, Cooperación Española, La Antigua Guatemala; Horror Vacui Performance, Cooperación Española, La Antigua Guatemala (2008); Landing 7, Haydee, Santa María, La Habana, Cuba.

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